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Countdown to Operation Organize

The downside of making a public commitment to doing something is, I feel an obligation to do it whether I want to or not.

Which is sorta the point of doing it publicly. I’m attempting to force myself to do it, because I know if I only to commit to myself, I’ll weasel out of it, right?

SO, I’m gunna do it. But, man. Real quickly I’m remembering WHY I did that to myself, ‘cuz I’m wanting to weasel out of it really bad. Really, REALLY bad.

You remember that post about cleaning out the studio, complete with time line and available hours?

Well, those available hours are getting whittled into little by little, so since I had nothing on the agenda for this afternoon, I thought I’d get a head start on the project. After a mere two hours on task, it began to dawn on me the enormity of the endeavor, and how woefully inadequate the hours I’ve allowed for it are.

Case in point. I set up boxes for sorting. One for paper, one for stickers, one for embellishments. Those are the primary categories that I know I have lots of things I’ll need to find places for. That was easy.


As I went to work on the first pile, I ran across a big box of memorabilia from our Alaska trip that is waiting to be put into scrapbooks. Man do I ever wish it was the trip from last year, but it wasn’t. It was from the 2010 trip. That’s how far behind I am.

So rather than toss it aside, I dug in and sorted the box, throwing away things I either know I won’t use, or can’t remember why I kept them. I cut the front pages off brochures and tossed the rest, cut the backs off of pins I plan to use as embellishments, and came away with a reasonably organized project box about 1/4 of the size of the original. So the problem is? Two hours gone, and I made a barely perceptible dent.

So now the question is, how do I modify the objective to more accurately reflect the time I have available? Do I do a less in-depth cleaning, or plan on not being done before Mr. Tattered returns home? Or is it possible to add more hours somehow?

And beyond that, another problem has arisen. I am coming across unfinished projects, and all of a sudden I am VERY interested in completing them. Why now? Because it’s a great way to avoid doing what I don’t want to do, yet still convince myself I am using my time wisely (I’m pretty clever that way!) Cleaning out the garden is even looking like a good idea, as is mopping the bathroom floor! The lengths I will go to keep from doing something I’m dreading!




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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. I have taken a week off this year to grade final exams and portfolios and get some work done at home – I am inspired by your brave public cleaning agenda and may create my own, misery loves company right? Not sure what the solution is to not enough time – prioritize what will have the most significant impact maybe? Good luck!!

    • I guess I’m still hoping it will all come together somehow. I hate to put in so much effort and come away with an incomplete final project. But, at the same time, I don’t want the man to come home to a worse-looking mess than it was when he left! Good luck on your efforts, as well!

  2. Oh the treasures we find when “organizing” and purging. I can totally relate to your post. Creative Bliss…


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