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On Spending More Time in the REAL World… No, Thanks!

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Today Mr. Tattered sent me a video to watch on-line. It suggested that we are spending way too much time on the computer with social media to the point where we are missing out on the real world. Real people, real friendships.

I took exception to the article because it doesn’t take into consideration the realities of our real lives. My real life is complicated. It makes demands on me that I am HAPPY to accept, but it leaves me with little time to go out and FIND those real world contacts, although I do it every now and then. In fact, I made a friend on our cruise, and I think I will see her again. But, we don’t live close, so if we’re able to continue our relationship, it will be with the help of the internet.

Here’s the deal. I am more available late at night, after Mr. Tattered has gone to bed. Way beyond the time when normal people are in bed asleep. It is then I catch up on my Facebook time, make comments on the art groups I’m involved in, keep in touch with internet friends. Real world people have no interest in sharing a glass of wine at midnight. But on-line, I can have a virtual glass (which is better for my weight anyway) ANY time. With people from all over the world.

I reject the premise that my on-line friends are not REAL friends.

And today I got yet another example of how internet friends CAN be “real” friends.

I got one of the happiest pieces of mail, evah! And it came from one of those real, “not real” friends.

You remember back a few days ago when I ran out of ink, and was bemoaning the fact that I couldn’t find one of those pens locally, so was on an internet search for one?


Well, my real, “not real” friend, Naomi, who I only know over the internet, sent me hers. She can get another where she lives, and she KNEW how much I would appreciate it. I was blown away ecstatic! I AM blown away ecstatic! How can she possibly NOT be a “real” friend?

Yeah, I can’t put my arms around her and hug her like I can my hubby. But I felt her arms around me as surely as if she was standing right here. She saw a way to help me out, and she did it. Isn’t that what friends do? Does it really matter that we’ve never ACTUALLY met?

So that article can take a flying leap as far as I’m concerned. I LOVE my “not real” friends.

And I love my new pen. Thanks, Naomi!





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  1. I quite agree that we are REAL friends! What is a friend but someone who listens to (reads) what you have to share and cheers you on. I do hope we meet in person one day too. 🙂

  2. I agree internet friends are real friends 🙂


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