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Through a Tattered Lens – South Pacific

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There are regular travel photos. Then there are those through my tattered lens. The things I see differently than most folks see them. I’m always looking for the off-kilter, more unusual things around me. Mr Tattered tells me to put the camera down and just enjoy the view. But I LOVE looking at the world through my camera lens!

So indulge me while I share a few of the more unusual things I took note of.


weirdtree-wCool plant

banboo-wBamboo grove

floor-wWalkway made from local stone

cactus-wSeeing cactus in tropical environments continues to amaze me!

banyan-wBanyan roots

smootch-wCute little “selfie”

ocean-wBig swells with the wind whipping them

Kauailamp-w“Tiki” light

moonoverocean-wMoon over the ocean out in the middle of nowhere

amsamoaport-wTropical rainstorm

coralbeach-wCoral beach

churningocean-wWater churning on the side of the ship.

bats-wBats hanging in a tree in the middle of the day

trash-wThe stray dog problem in Samoa is so bad, people put their trash on elevated stands to keep the dogs from getting into it… very sad.

oceanrainbow-wI was just fascinated with the different facets of the ocean. Loved the spray and faint rainbow in this shot.

postcard-wCan hardly wait to get back…

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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