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I Have a Plan! FINALLY!

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If it’s just in your head, it’s just a dream. To make it really happen you need to get it down in writing and attach it to a timeline.

Okay, so by that definition it isn’t quite a plan yet, but it is a dream that is attached to a timeline.

Mr. Tattered is going out of town for a few days later this month and I’m going to empty out my “studio” (aka “the hoarding room”) and get it organized. (Did I just say that out loud?)

So, as long as I’m going to write about it, why not use this opportunity to formalize an actual plan? In writing. Get it out there in the universe.

He leaves on a Monday. All afternoons are taken with child care, Tuesday and Wednesday nights are spoken for, Friday morning is art group (can’t miss that!) and he returns Saturday morning. Tight schedule, but let’s see what it looks like.

Time I will commit to using for project:

Monday night-5 hours:
Tuesday morning-4 hours:
Wednesday morning-4 hours:
Thursday morning-4 hours:
Thursday night-5 hours:
Friday night-5 hours:

My math skills stink, but that looks like 27 hours. Hmmmm…not as many as I had hoped. How can I add a few?


*Sleep less (Stay up later? Get up earlier?)
*Have the girls help (Pick Bea up, then come back and have her help me sort? Same after picking Hannah up?)
*Skip art group (NO!)
*Find something I can take with me while babysitting to do after kiddles are in bed?

Things I can do in advance to make better use of EXISTING available hours:

*Begin moving things out over the weekend?
*Have trash and give away containers ready? (WHAT??? You mean like actually PLAN to throw away and/or give things away??? Are you CRAZY???)
*Have sorting boxes ready so when things come out of the room, at least SOME things are already sorted (GOOD IDEA!)


Monday night: Drag everything that needs to be relocated out of room
Tuesday morning: Move cabinet into room, rearrange furniture as necessary, begin sorting process
Wednesday morning-Thursday night: Continue sorting, organizing, consolidating and move things back into room
Friday night: Finish getting remaining stuff back into room

Things to remember:

*This is work, not a trip down memory lane
*Be ruthless in deciding what goes and what stays (OUCH!)

Okay. It’s rough, but I think it counts as an actual plan. Yay, me!

And yes, when the time comes, you’ll get “before” photos, a few updates on my progress, and, of course, “after” photos. Keep your expectations low. We’re going for organized here, not a submission to “Where Women Create.” I have way too much stuff I “need” and way too little space for that to EVER be a possibility! Heeheehee!

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