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Yeah, I’m getting kinda desperate, and it’s causing me to make some mistakes. Not terrible ones, but mistakes none the less.

As a result, I’m ending up with a bunch of pens I’m not going use.

I had a favorite. It’s called a uni-ball signo. The white ink is luscious. Thick and creamy, and it flows over painted surfaces like a dream.

But, I ran out. Actually, I ran out while we were on our trip – out in the middle of the South Pacific. So, I’ve already been without it for weeks. I was holding on to my sanity by a thread, thinking I could get one as soon as I got home. But I can’t find a replacement locally. I have spent way too much time both on the computer and running from store to store trying to find them. I can find gold, and I can find silver, and even black, but no white.

And in my desperation, I’m buying off brands. Lots of them. And they are all awful.

I finally found them on-line, but they take weeks to get. And I don’t want to wait that long. I have art to do. And I need my pen.

Do I sound a little crazy? I feel a little crazy. I’m obsessing over pens. And I’m seriously contemplating driving for an hour and a half to buy one. Driving an hour and a half to buy a two dollar pen.

I have issues.

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  1. Try Christy Tomlinson. She has these (I think they’re the same) and they are wonderful. And you shouldn’t have too wait to long to receive them, if they are in stock.

  2. Lindsay Ostrom

    preachin’ to the choir sista! Ever in need locally…. i keep 48 on hand at Ben’s not to mention what i have on hand in my home. I get it!

  3. Hey Janet! Have you tried The Stamp Art Shope in Roseville? Sandy usually has them in stock!

  4. We need our favorite supplies and it is very important to us!!! Only creative types understand this. I hope you have your pens by now…you will buy a dozen of course! Creative Bliss…

    • I don’t, and the absolute soonest I will have one in my hot little hands will be Tuesday. I think I can hold on until then. And yes. I will then order at least a dozen backups!


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