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I’m Guessing You’ve Noticed…

it’s been awhile since I posted!

But it hasn’t been out of laziness or lack of something to say!

You remember that cruise we went on back in February? Well, when we got home, we sat in our recliners and wondered who was going to feed us. Then a couple of weeks later we were reflecting on how nice it was to be fed, and before we knew it we were on another cruise! (Heeheehee! We MAY have some food issues!) Ha! We seriously had not even finished unpacking from the last one when we booked another. So, of course, we quit unpacking and just threw what we HAD unpacked back into the suitcases! And before we knew it, we were off on another adventure!

Once we got onboard, I posted every day (just like I was home) mostly about the art projects I was working on while we were on the ship (yes, I took LOTS of art supplies! And actually used them!) Then it went to every other day, then the posts stopped altogether. But it wasn’t my fault, honest!

I knew that the internet aboard ship was going to be slow and expensive, but I figured if I did the writing in “pages” and copied it into wordpress, and went light on the photos, I would have enough pre-paid minutes to keep posting the whole month – if not every day, at least MOST days.

Well, the best laid plans…

Turns out that the ship we were on developed some internet reception issues a little over a week into the trip. Some days I could get on-line, and some days I couldn’t. Then it got so s…l…o…w… that even when I could get on, going from page to page took so long it was painful. You know that little spinning circle you see when a page is loading? It was making me dizzy!. And mad. And the more I watched the minutes going by with nothing happening, the crazier I was getting. I finally gave up.

I ended up the cruise with 105 unused minutes. Me. “Miss internet junky” had 105 already paid-for minutes – sitting there unused! And I had PLANNED to buy even more onboard! I was NOT a happy camper. (Well, mostly I was a happy camper, just not about that one particular issue!)

This morning before we left the ship for dry land I stopped by the purser’s desk to ask for credit for the unused time (expecting to have to do battle to get it) and they actually gave it to me. In fact, they credited 340 minutes (half the time I had pre-purchased.) So, even though I wasn’t able to keep in touch nearly as much as I would have liked, at least I got compensated, so it’s a little less painful now.

And, just as it takes a little rain to make rainbows, having crummy internet service makes you sooooooooooooo appreciative to be sitting on your recliner, laptop in your lap, watching the screen zip from page to page at lightening speed. I may sit here all night. But I do have to admit I wish I was doing it on the ocean. Maybe if I rock a little as I type…

Anyway, stay tuned! I have more art to show you, and pictures from the trip, and a few reflections on life that came from my time “unplugged.” Hope you’ll join me!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Yeah, I noticed. Glad you’re back. Can’t wait to see the pics.

  2. I’m so glad to have you back! Can’t wait to hear about your trip.


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