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The Envelopes Just Needed To Match!

Do you artsy types out there ever have one of those moments when you knock your own socks off? When you make something for someone else and you like it so much you don’t want to give it to the intended recipient?

Yeah. I’m pretty full of myself right now.

You know those cards I made yesterday? The ones I did on the gelli plate then doodled on them?

Well, today I grudgingly filled out the cards with little messages for National Letter Writing Month (I told Mr. Tattered I wanted to keep them all for myself and he said “have you ever thought of marketing these? They are so cool!” – NOT what I wanted to hear, but it DID make me feel good – sorta! – but that’s a whole ‘nuther post!) and went to put them in plain old envelopes and decided they really needed matching envelopes.

So out came the gelli plate again, and I decorated the fronts of the envelopes.

There seriously just are not words to tell you how much fun I’m having with these (Thank you Roben-Marie Smith for the inspiration – the doodling just makes them!)

I don’t know that I’ll ever in my life send out a plain ol’ envelope!

Just in case you missed that post, here’s a look at the cards.


Then the envelopes “gellied…”

gelli env-w

…and then doodled up.


Yeah, I see a lot more of this style work in my future! I hope all the ladies that receive them appreciate how hard it was for me to part with them!


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  1. Love these Janet; the colours are great and, as you said, the doodling just makes it! Is that white pen or paint?

  2. Great post Janet! I feel ya…I haven’t sent a regular card or envelope since taking Ronen’s class. It just doesn’t feel right now.
    They look great!!!

  3. Of course you needed envelopes to go with – and they’re lovely too!

  4. I love it! Great work. I’ll have to start figuring out my new gelli plate too. Oh, and I finally got my Paper Love package yesterday! Goodies that I adore.

  5. Love Em

  6. These are the perfect addition to your cards. I agree that you will probably never send out a plain envie ever again. Great job.

  7. Woow this is so cool!

  8. Who wouldn’t want to get mail that looks like these? Just lovely. Marina, NZ.


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