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Huh? No idea?

It’s National Letter Writing Month.

It used to be something the Post Office pushed, and my friend Lindsay decided it would be fun to have a few people get together and exchange snail mail in celebration. The Post Office doesn’t really do it anymore, but Linz decided to keep going without them, and the group gets larger every year. This year there are like 138 of us playing, give or take a couple.

Lindsay pairs us all up into pen pals, and the only REQUIREMENT is that you send one piece of mail to your pen pal.

But, Lindsay being Lindsay, has come up with some fun extras this year, including a questionnaire, a mystery pen pal, some give-aways – seems like every few days she’s adding another little dimension! She puts sooooooo much effort into it, and some of the overachievers manage to make enough cards during the year to send one to each participant. I had good intentions last year, but only managed to do 50 (and I thought THAT was good!) I’d planned to do better this year, but then I decided to make the birth announcements for my new granddaughter, and by the time I did 80 of these little suckers:


I was pretty much burned out.

So, I’m going to send a postcard to every participant from Hawaii, and a few little treasures for my ACTUAL pen pal, including one postcard from each port we visit (yeah, we’re on a cruise, but shhhhhhhh! It’s a secret!) Lilli, you can pretend you didn’t read that! In fact! SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t already gotten my package, close your eyes NOW!

My first little gifty for my penpal, Lilli, is a set of pens I thought she might have fun with –


along with the first installment of my “get to know me” questionnaire written on a photocopy of a print from my gelli plate.


So, although I won’t be getting to SEE all my lovely snail mail until I get home, just the thought of my mailbox overflowing with delicious creativity makes me smile!

If you aren’t ACTUALLY participating in any formal NLWM activities, you might consider sending a few friends a piece or two of snail mail this month. It really does brighten a person’s day to find “happy mail” in the box instead of just bills and junk mail, doncha think?

Oh, and if you feel inclined, maybe leave a little thank you to your mail carrier in your box? Can’t you just imagine their smile?

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  1. I’ll do it for sure. Thanks for the idea!


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