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No, not as in the weather (although I guess a bunch of you still are!) as in the movie! We took the kids and they loved it. Well Bea did. Hannah not so much, and Josh was probably luke-warm. And I did.

Olaf and Swen were my favorite characters. I’m thrilled that FB messaging has Olaf icons.

Bea’s favorite is Elsa, the older sister.

And now Bea has a birthday coming up. She had wanted to do a horsey party and had already given me instructions on what color horse she wanted, and what color it’s mane should be on her cake. Since I’d already done one for Hannah, it would be….well, a piece of cake – or easy.

Then she threw me a curve ball. She wants a “Frozen” party. With Elsa on the cake. Yikes.

For starters, that means I have to wing it. There is no Elsa pan, so I’ll have to adapt another pan. I made Rapunzel out of the Ariel pan, so I’m guessing I can do it.

cakes2-wThe original Ariel cake…

cakes5-wThe adaptation to Rapunzel…

But, Elsa has a more normal amount of hair, and a side braid…could be tricky!

I have a really cool castle cake, and I tried to talk her into that. I can picture ice candy decorating it. But, she’s not going for it!

Anyway, as I’m looking at the cakes now, I can see it. I can easily extend out the shoulder a bit to the left, and what is left of the hair on the left could be part of her dress or cape. Okay, panic over. I can do it!

Next issue… Bea’s dress.

Whenever we have a theme party, we try to go with a birthday dress to match the theme, and that is certainly doable when a Disney Princess is the center of it. So, of course, Gaga started looking at Elsa dresses. To say I had sticker shock would be putting it kindly. I had no idea how much the Disney originals were going for these days. And the “lesser” dresses just aren’t as cute.

So begins the justifying. She’s not going to be interested in the Princesses for much longer, so we might as well go out with a bang. And she needs a new Princess dress for the Disney cruise we’ll be going on this summer (she’s outgrown all her other Princess gowns – it’s been quite awhile since we indulged!) so she’ll get more use out of it. And if mama and I split the cost it won’t be so bad… (you buyin’ any of this?)

*****Late breaking news! I was reading that there is a shortage of Elsa dresses, so the daughter hopped on ebay and grabbed one! Whew! Crisis averted!

Stay tuned. In May I’ll be showing the results!

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  1. I haven’t seen Frozen, and have NO idea what you are talking about. But of course, I hope you make that cake pan work. BTW, I feel you justified the buy (grin).


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