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I Did It Again…

It seems impossible that I could have done it again, but I did.

I went to Barnes and Noble to buy a couple of Harry Potter books for my granddaughter for Easter, and the next thing I knew, a bunch more magazines were on the counter and I was paying for them…


I can’t keep doing this! Well, yeah, I can I guess. But I shouldn’t. Or should I? I could have worse addictions. I try to stay away, I really do. I don’t need any more inspiration. I have more ideas rolling around in my head than I could every actually create. But if I don’t get an issue, I feel like I’ve missed something. Something big.

I really am tired of feeling guilty when I buy them. I need to either stop doing it, or stop getting mad at myself when I do. I think I’ll just accept that I’m going to continue to do it, figure out how best to dispose of them after a few months and get over it. I mean seriously, how could I ever stop? They are just too yummy.

And lest you think the Somerset/Stampington Magazines are my ONLY downfall, guess again. My enabler, I mean my friend, Sylvia introduced me to another wonderful magazine, Daphne’s Diary. It is published in the UK  – and you know me and all things British! It is stuffed with project ideas and recipes, none of which I’ll probably EVER do, but I sure do enjoy looking at the photos! Isn’t it darling?


Yeah, I’m not going to stop.

So, this is me showing you all my amazing new publications. Aren’t they wonderful?

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Feel free to recycle by sending to me – lol – I can’t afford them often they are too pricy for my budget!!


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