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…And Then I Remember Why!

Okay, we’re talking birth announcements again. I know I told you I wasn’t going to give you a blow by blow, but here I am for the umteenth time.

By now you must be thinking I’m HATING these things, but really, I’m not. I’m just continually surprised at how long it’s taking to get them done, and feel the need to talk about them. Maybe because I have no other creative endeavors to talk about instead. But bear with me here. It’s going to get good at the end.

I got the embroidery floss tied onto all 170+ buttons and started gluing them onto their flowers. Then the flowers get glued onto the card, and the outside will be done.

buttons-wI started with these…

buttons-flowers-wThen this…

buttonflower-wAnd finally to this

I had a minor catastrophe tonight. I had all my buttons on a tray, moving them from my house to my daughter’s so I could work on them while I babysit. I drove around a corner and the tray slid – buttons went flying everywhere. And of course it was dark out, so by the light from the dome light, Hannah and I tried to scoop them all up and put them back on the tray. I won’t know if we found them all until I get them glued on and do a count. Oy!

But, as I get frustrated, I remember why I’m doing it…for that sweet little baby.


I got to hold her while she slept for nearly 2 hours this morning. There is no way to describe the total yumminess of having her curled up into a little ball on my chest, breathing softly and making cute little noises and faces. I fell in love all over, and in the process discovered my true calling in life – I’m supposed to be a baby bed. Heeheehee.

Yeah, I SOOOOOO remember why I’m doing this!

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  1. Who wouldn’t happily pick up a million spilled buttons, for that little cupcake? Enjoy!

  2. If my math is correct, you have over $47.00 invested in buttons, alone. You are one very special baby bed!!


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