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I wish I hadn’t Come Out Here

I have two reasons for wishing I hadn’t come out here.

First of all, it is so beautiful (if you don’t look too close!) I want to stay out here instead of going back inside where all the stuff I REALLY need to do is.



The perennials apparently loved the combination of rain/mild weather. They are going nuts – especially the petunias. They look like they are on a mission to take over the world.


I SWEAR I didn’t plant these. Or at least I don’t remember doing it.


And secondly, if you do look close there is so stinkin’ much that needs to be done. Oh, my. Yes, spring has arrived, and with it, a much needed clean up.




Where is that dang to-do list? It just got longer.

I feel a trip to the nursery coming on. But it is socially irresponsible to do that when we are in a water crunch, right? But I have drip irrigation (and so far they haven’t said we shouldn’t use that) and if I am going to try to save any of the foundation plants (bushes, trees) I have to use it, which means if there aren’t any flowers I’m watering dirt, and that’s not right either, right?

Maybe just a little trip to the nursery…

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  1. How beautiful to know spring has sprung somewhere. We still have snow on the ground.

  2. Thanks for the reminder that Spring will be here eventually! 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Amy. After 25 years in the snow, I have to say I don’t miss it. BUT, at least then we weren’t so worried about lack of water. A gorgeous spring does have it’s drawbacks, but I hope yours arrives soon.


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