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Ruh-ro…A Binge Ahead?

I’m feeling a binge coming on. No, I’m NOT going to eat my way through a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Or a pint of ice cream.

I just spent an hour cruising around the workshop portion of my new favorite artist, Roben-Marie Smith, and it was all I could do to keep from buying every single one.

Roben-Marie is one of the founders of “The Documented Life,” the planner project I mentioned awhile back. Prior to beginning the project I hadn’t paid much attention to her art. I think I had seen it, but it never spoke to me. I don’t know if it was learning to use the gelli plate or what, but suddenly the swirls and pen work intrigued me.

I bought a few of her products to use in my journal, and her style is definitely influencing me. But since I will not be selling my work, I don’t need to be too worried about that!


So why am I resisting the urge to gorge on her classes?

Because I know I won’t take them. Not now, at least. I am stacked up with projects and classes I’m already behind on, and the chances of me following through and actually taking the classes would be slim and none. I’m trying VERY hard to get caught up, and I won’t do that if I keep buying classes (more shiny things?) that excite more than the ones already on my list!

Yay, me! At least for this moment, I’m acting like a grown up.

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  1. I’m SUPER impressed with your willpower, no matter how much her art speaks to you. Get the other “to do’s” marked off and then find time to do the things you want to after that. For now, I’m super proud of you.

  2. Good for you you didn’t take the class! I have too much unfinished classes and projects because I am always starting something new before I finished the old. Way to go!


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