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The Need For Speed

If you’ve been around the last week, you know I’ve been immersed in getting Lexi’s birth announcements done, and not progressing as quickly as I’d hoped I would.

So the need for speed got me looking for more ways to streamline my process. There is a lot of intricate gluing involved, and I recalled my artsy girls talking about a zyron machine which makes stickers. So, when I ran out of glue and needed to make a Michael’s run, I decided to check it out (armed with a 40% off coupon, of course.) And I came home with a new toy.


The learning curve was a little sharper than I thought it would be. The directions are not very helpful and it required a bit of frustrating trial and error. But, eventually I got it. It’s not an inexpensive proposition, so I doubt I’ll be using it a lot, but right now I need to pick up the pace and I don’t see a better way to do it. At this point, I have more money than time!

One downside is that there appears to be a considerable amount of waste. I ran through a whole cartridge without even completing all the giraffes. But, some of that was from inexperience. As I use it more, I think I’ll learn little tricks to make the adhesive material go further.


Luckily, I have a couple more 40% off coupons, so I’ll be heading back to Michael’s for refill cartridges .

The good news is, getting the adhesive on the back of the components really did speed up the process.

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