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I Haven’t Given Up…

yet. I’m still hoping that I’ll have the birth announcements for Miss Lexi done by the end of the weekend, but that hope is dwindling a little.

I swear the little giraffes are mating during the night and producing more that need to be completed each day!


I’m hoping the fuzzy image adds an air of mystery so you’ll still be a little surprised when I show you the finished product!

After getting sidelined with paperwork for a few hours (the yucky kind, not the fun kind!) I did a little time analysis and realized this project is taking much longer than I anticipated. I’m either slowing down in my old age, or I flat out misjudged how long the intricacies of the whole thing would take. But, not to worry. It really is a self-imposed deadline. A few more days won’t cause anyone too much stomach acid.

I got the photos we’ll be using for the announcements back today. They are so stinkin’ cute. Daddy gets the photo credit. He got one that captures Miss Lexi perfectly, and another of big brother and little sister that is swoon-worthy. I’m so excited to share them with you!

I have to admit, I’m getting just a tiny bit itchy to do something else, so I may need to play for at least a few hours before getting back to my little herd. Or maybe I’ll let the herd romp without their manes tomorrow and tie embroidery floss onto buttons instead. Or glue components onto the cards. Or get the information for the inside typed up. The good news is I still have lots left to do, so I’m not stuck with any one task. I guess that’s good news.

Anyway, wish me luck! I’m not swearing at them yet, and I wanna keep it that way. I’m pretty sure it’s really bad to swear at baby announcements.

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