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In My Dreams!

In my dreams I am completely organized and know right off the top of my head what stamps, stencils, dies and copics I have and know exactly where they are.

In reality? Not so much. In fact, picture me rolling on the floor laughing at the very thought.

Well, there I go again, being too hard on myself – I know where all my copics are (hey, you’ve gotta take credit where you can!) I just don’t know which ones I have, so the chance of duplication is high.


Same with stamps… I know where they are, I just don’t know what I have.


In fact, when it comes to stamps and stencils, I hate to confess that I HAVE bought duplicates. When I like things, I like them.

So, I’m wandering around facebook and came across a video that shows a gal and her organizational plan…You might want to check it out before we go any further.

So are you laughing at the very idea or lusting to be that organized?

I keep going back and forth. I’ve actually watched it several times, so I must be somewhat interested.

There’s a part of me that would REALLY like to have everything at my fingertips like this. But, I don’t see how those notebooks are all that practical. Unless you’re hauling them around with you, how would you refer to them when you’re out and about and considering a purchase? Which just made me wonder if I could do it digitally in a form I could pull up on my iphone which I have on my person almost 24/7…? That’s worth considering!

Then, of course, the other part of me cannot even imagining having the time to get it all logged, let alone put away in a way that makes it all easily accessible. Even with “organize” as my word for the year! (Which reminds me – I’m woefully behind on that, too!)

But baby steps. I AM making baby steps. And watching the video and being intrigued with it is one of them. Who knows? It could happen. Really, it could.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. That is incredible! I don’t know if I could take the time to make it though. When I go shopping, I do bring a list of what I already have in that particular item, even if it’s just a photo. But my goodness!

  2. wow – i guess i need more stuff – only kidding.


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