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A Touch of Spring

In between storms we took a little hike to soak up just a touch of spring. What a gorgeous day! There’s a little natural area in the middle of a bunch of neighborhoods where we like to hike close to home.

popcorntreespring-wBea calls these “popcorn” trees

popcornspring-wShowing me her popcorn

tutuspring-wThe perfect hiking outfit for a fancy girl!

treespring-wThe trees are budding out already.

beaspring-wTaking a break.

hgagaspring-wGawgs and Hanz

hswing-wThe girls love the rope swing.


boysspring-wThe boys.

hspring-wHanz looking at the view.

rocksspring-wA little bit of country in the middle of the city.

poppiesspring-wCalifornia poppies!

springdaffodil-wInteresting variety of daffodil.

It felt really good to get outside, breath the fresh air, and enjoy an amazing day before the next storm comes in. I am thrilled that we have more rain coming, but I’m glad we were able to capitalize on the break in the weather.

Next break I’m going to get out in my garden. I went out to pick some rosemary for dinner and noticed there are actually flowers out there already! Yay!

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  1. Clare Docherty

    Lovely- i love Bea’s popcorn trees! we had the first decent day in months here in Scotland so managed to get out into the garden- roll on spring! Clare x

  2. no spring here yet – still snow. at least the sun is shining today!

  3. Just seeing the flowers blooming makes me feel that spring will eventually arrive here. Right now we have piles of dirty looking snow that can’t disappear fast enough.


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