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What a difference a Week Makes…

I promise this isn’t going to turn into the yoga report, but I’m so excited right now, and I just need to share it with you!

I truly did not believe that yoga was going to be for me. I only went because my daughter insisted that I try it. I despised my first visit, hated my 2nd. The 3rd was okay, but now, after the fourth, I love it. I have come so far in just a few visits. Both my flexibility and core strength have improved dramatically. But best yet, rather than having to be guilted into going, I’m doing it by myself like a big girl. I would go every day if my body would let me, but I’m feeling the need to take it slow. Every other day gives me a chance to recover a bit.

So, now that I’ve decided that I like it, I signed up for a month’s worth of classes.


If I continue the way I’m planning, that’ll mean 15 days of sweating, stretching and getting stronger!

I also want to understand exactly what it is yoga is all about, so I’ll be doing some reading on the subject.

It’s funny. I didn’t go looking for this, but it found me. And it’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. It doesn’t seem like yoga would come under the heading of “creativity,” but interestingly enough, the quieting of my mind is contributing to my creativity.

Go figure.

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  1. Awesome!! So delighted to hear that you have found your way to Yoga. Your body will never be the same again!

    I saw you in a dream last night Janet. You were here visiting England with your son (I didn’t know you had a son) and we were showing you around. We ended up at the Ocean with everyone swimming in the sea…It was a very pleasant visit indeed, even if it was only in the dreamtime (for now)
    Have a beautiful day, stretching your body (and world!) into a new shape.

    C x

    • How funny, Cat! We will be in London for 2 weeks starting the first week in Sept. (but it will be hub with me, not son!) How far away are you, and is there public transportation between London and you?

      • Yes there certainly is… Trains run from Paddington Station direct to Bath City, or you could take the National Express bus from Victoria Station (for the slower journey). C x

  2. I didn’t think yoga was for me either – but I love it –

  3. I don’t even know what Yoga is, so I can’t really comment. Of course, there are NO yoga classes in my town, or my fitness nut friend would have told me about them.

  4. My blog friend Caroline is taking a yoga teacher training and she’s sharing so much info here:


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