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Trying To Quiet My Inner Magpie

My original title was “Quieting My Inner Magpie,” but I realized very quickly I’m only “attempting” to quiet her. The actuality is that I’m not doing a very good job at it.

magpie-wPhoto “borrowed” from Wikipedia – much as a magpie would do!

I’m not sure there is an actual scientific basis for it, but anecdotally speaking, magpies (all crows, actually – but ESPECIALLY magpies) have a reputation for being attracted to shiny things. So when I find myself easily distracted, I like to joke that it’s my inner magpie’s fault!

But I’m finding that by giving my “inner magpie” free rein, a lot of my time is getting eaten up jumping from one thing to another. And as fun as it is, (and it IS fun!) it is not leaving me with a feeling of having accomplished much at the end of the day. More and more I am feeling the need to get control of her and re-focus my attention of the things I “should” be doing.

The internet is a major source of “shiny things” in my life. I sit down to look up one quick thing, and that leads me to another, which leads me to another, and the next thing I know, 3 hours have elapsed. Repeat that several times a day, and by bedtime I’m wondering where the day went. Few things are crossed off my to-do list, and the next day’s list is already in the hole. Or whatever it was just doesn’t get done. Ever.

But wait. Maybe this is what old age (older age?) is supposed to be like? Time to just enjoy life without having to feel like every day is full of actual, physical, tangible accomplishments? Hmmmm….I like that. This is going in a direction I hadn’t anticipated! Maybe my whole premise is inaccurate. Instead of trying to quiet my inner magpie, should I be embracing her as a reward for having been a focused, productive person for all of my adult life? Okay. I’m liking this.

Ha! Yet another of those shifts in attitude! I wonder if I can do it. Can I go from measuring my success not by what I’ve accomplished, but by whether or not what I did gave me pleasure? Is it even desirable? Yet another interesting concept that is going to take some reflection.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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