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Ooooh, I Arted, I Actually Arted!

For the first time in weeks and weeks, I actually took the time to do some art.

My local art group had their twice a month meeting today. I missed the first one of the month while we were gone, so it was wonderful to get back and participate today.

It’s a time for working on whatever you want to do, and I chose to pull out the gelli plate today. Man I love that thing. I did a bunch of backgrounds, some in my go to palette of beiges, browns, blacks and reds, and some in greens, blues, beige and brown.







None of these are complete. I will be photocopying them onto thinner cardstock, then adding stamping, more paint, and a variety of other embellishments to use as “tip-ins” for my journal.

One of the things that is so fun working with the gelli plate is that you never know what you’re going to get! Some of the areas I like the most are the result of laying the paper on the messy plate to clean up extra paint, pulling it off and finding that LAYERS of paint have pulled up in ways you didn’t even know were there! It’s just a blast!

It suddenly dawned on me that I could lay down book pages, music sheets and scrapbook paper onto the watercolor paper before laying it onto the plate. Seriously, there are so many options. I’ll be doing this again soon – it makes me smile!

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  1. Lucky you. I still haven’t taken mine out of the original box it came in. It’s way too cold in my craft room to work there, and it’s getting colder by the day, too. You have some pretty awesome stencils. Really impressive set of papers you have developed.


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