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Through a Tattered Lens – Panama Canal Cruise

Whenever I go on a trip I take all the obligatory photos. I try to do them in an artistic way, but let’s face it, there are just so many ways to photograph all the iconic views of a given place. Yesterday I gave you a normal view of the cruise.

My favorite photos are the ones that depict the more goofy things that strike my fancy. Those are the ones I group into what I call “Through a Tattered Lens.” The photos taken BY Ms. Tattered, FOR Ms. Tattered. I like to share a few here and there, just so you can experience a little of the world through my eyes. So today I’m going to show you the things I notice that others may not. Just a sampling. I take WAAAAAY too many pictures. Or so I’m told. Bear with me here, I whittled them down as far as I could. These are just my very favorites…

feetPCT2014-wOnboard ship, this was a common view for me!

lighthousePCT2014-wCalifornia Lighthouse – Aruba

fortlightsPCT2014-wFort – Cartagena, Columbia

walltexturePCT2014-wWall at Fort – Cartagena, Columbia

fruitPCT2014-wFruit Vendor – Cartagena, Columbia

balconyPCT2014-wBalcony – Cartagena, Columbia

favwallPCT2014-wWall, Old Town – Cartagena, Columbia

gratePCT2014-wGrate, Old Town – Cartagena, Columbia

containersPCT2014-wContainers on Ship – Panama Canal

throughbridgePCT2014Bridge Over Lake Gatun – Panama

maintvehiclePCT2014-wMaintenance Vehicle – Panama

(This cracked me up – a maintenance vehicle obviously needing maintenance!)

bridgePCT2014-wUnderside of Bridge in Lake Gatun – Panama

tileroofPCT2014-wTile Roof – Putarenas, Costa Rica

bromiliadsPCT2014-wBromiliads on Roof – Putarenas, Costa Rica

treetrunkPCT2014-wRainforest Tree Truck – Putarenas, Costa Rica

vinesPCT-wVines – Putarenas, Costa Rica

leafcutterantsPCT2014-wLeafcutter Ants – Putarenas, Costa Rica

cocacolaPCT2014-wREAL Coke, made with sugar cane, not sugar beets like in the US.

I’m sorta glad they don’t make it like this here in the states…

Puerto Chiapas, Mexico

turtlePCT2014-wSea Turtle – Coast of Mexico

dolphinPCT2014-wDolphins – Coast of Mexico

sanpedroPCT2014-wPort – San Pedro

If you’ve made it all the way here, thanks for sticking with me. I promise not to do it too often. Hope you enjoyed the off-kilter side of the trip!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Ah, but you stopped too soon. I want more, more, more, please. I loved the rust on the light house, and was thinking the same thing even before I read your comment on the maintenance van.

    So, please do add more of the quirky, the fun, the typical, the touristy. Anything to make me forget how cold, gray, and blah it is here. And have a REAL coke on me (grin).

    As an aside, I brought one (Coke) home from Mexico in the early 90s, and have never opened it. Large glass bottle, too. Glad I was driving, or it would have never made it on an airplane.

  2. First, Glad you had a great time, it looks like it was a trip of a lifetime! I really enjoyed the pics, especially the ‘through a tattered lens’ views. That wall in old town, just has to be a wall mural somewhere, it is beautiful, and I love the ‘chocolate chip’ tree trunk. Must I always go to chocolate? I totally see a book, “Through a Tattered Lens” at Barnes and Noble!! You have a great ‘eye’ for amazing pics!!

  3. Oooooh! I loved these! So much texture. They grow some crazy trees down there. Nice toes, too.

  4. More, more! Love these.


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