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I know. Vacation photos. I don’t blame you if you don’t want to stay. They can be hard to take. But there have been those who have actually asked to see them, so I’m going to oblige. I have picked the most representative three photos from each of the 5 stops on the cruise, so as not to bore you completely to death. It’s not an easy chore since I took nearly 1000 photos, but I’ve now that I’ve gotten them whittled down to under 600, it’s a LITTLE easier.

Today will be a sampling of normal pictures, like anyone would take, then tomorrow I’ll show you the ones that are my faves through my “tattered” lens.


arubabridge2014-w Natural Bridge

arubacactus2014-wArid Island

arubahouses2014-wVery Colorful Houses

Cartegena, Columbia:

cartegenanew2014-wSurprisingly Large City – New Area

cartegenafort-wThe Old Fort

cartegenaarchitechture2014-wArchitecture of the Old City

Panama Canal:

panamacanallocks2014-wHeading into the Locks

panamacanallocks2-2014-wIn the Lock – Double Gates

panamacanallocks3-2014-wApproaching the Man Made Lake Gatun

Puntarenas, Costa Rica (our favorite stop):

putaneraslandscape2014-wCoastline View From Suspension Bridge

putanerasrainforest2014-wRainforest From Safari Boat

puntanerastree2014-wTropical Vegetation

Puerto Chiapas, Mexico:

puertochiapasbay2014-wThe Bay

puertochiapasstreets2014-wBusy City Streets

puertochiapasfountain2014-wRestful City Square

This is only the very tip of the iceberg, and I hope a good overview of the land portion of the trip. There was sooooooo much to see. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was not terribly excited about going on this trip initially, but I’m so glad I did. It was hot and humid, and I wouldn’t want to live in this area of the world, but I’m so glad I got to see just a little of it in person!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some of the more unusual things that caught my eye!

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  1. Great pics, Janet! Those pink and yellow houses made me want to grab a paintbrush. Not only did you get to experience it, but now you have all these great memories and pics to inspire you in the months ahead.

    • Thanks, Mary! I took TONS of pictures of walls and streets. The colors and textures were amazing. When we showed the kids the pics I had to race through because there were so many that no one but me would find remotely interesting. Even the girls (who EXPECT Gawgs to take goofy pictures) said “why’d you take a picture of THAT, Gaga? But I couldn’t help myself!

  2. I’m SO glad you posted these. You can never have too many photos for my taste. Believe me, I know what you mean by over 1000 photos. I’ve taken that many on much shorter trips. Aren’t you glad these are digital? I can remember the days when the only way to see how well your photos came out was to have them developed. Keep them coming, dear. I love seeing them.


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