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Checking In With Organizing

I’m not NEARLY through sharing my little trip with you, but I’m going to take a break tonight to talk about my word for the year, ORGANIZE, and give you an update on how that is working in my life. There are both mental and physical reasons for the lack of organization, but the physical is easier to deal with, so I’m starting there.

I’ve mentioned before that we’ve been going through “growing pains” (for lack of a better word) around here. Now that we’ve combined two homes into one, our space is just no longer adequate. But, we love the house, and love the location, and we’re determined to make it work.

So, something has to give. It took awhile to figure out what that “something” would be, but we did it. Or at least part of it.

The beginnings of the idea go back a few weeks. We were enjoying a glass of wine at the home of some friends in the neighborhood. They have a house much larger than ours, but they have it set up in a non-traditional way that makes it very functional for the way they live, using rooms for things not as they were originally intended. When we applied that principle to our house, we realized that we don’t EVER use our dining room. It is very pretty, but it, for all intents and purposes, wasted space, using it as it was designed.

What we really need is an office, not a dining room. So, Mr. Tattered and I put our heads together and figured out a way to convert it without it looking completely horrible. Rather than doing an actual remodel, we re-decorated. We moved hutches to create walls around what was an open dining area, purchased functional, but attractive office furniture to put in there, and a gorgeous curio cabinet for the space in the family room where we used to have a large, but not very functional desk. The result is a reasonably attractive office (which we have dubbed the “man cave”) and a more spacious family room that has more storage space.

The curio cabinet is my favorite new piece. It’s from Pottery Barn (one of my favorite stores.) I initially saw it months ago, and although I fell instantly in love with it, I had all the furniture I had room for, so I pushed it into the back of my mind, thinking it would never be mine. Then the new plan was put together, I remembered the cabinet and set out in search of it, not really thinking it would still be available. But,  lo and behold, it was still in the on-line catalog, and best yet, on sale. And did I mention it’s red? Yeah, red. How could I POSSIBLY resist?


I can’t fill it yet, because we have wiring issues that need to be addressed before it can go against the wall, but it’s going to look GREAT!

Those wiring issues represent yet another organizational problem, and this only about half of it.


Technology is amazing, but it seems that no one has been able to overcome the mess that all the wires associated with technology come with. We’ve tried a number of different systems, but none of them work. I swear we sort them all out, turns our backs for five minutes and they’re all intertwined again. We lessened the mess by separating the wires into two different areas, but someone could make a gazzillion dollars if they could come up with an actual solution.

We’re still working on the office, so I’ll wait to take photos in there until it is a little more together, but trust me, we’re off to a good start. AND the process is getting me excited about continuing the process in other rooms. Ya hear that studio? I’m comin’ for ya!

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  1. I’m slowing catching up on your blog, too. Since you were gone, I’ve had TWO power outages, one where I also lost my phone and internet. The first was during a horrible snow storm and lasted nearly 24 hours. The second was about 12 hours and that’s when I lost everything.

    Reading about your pie adventures reminds me of the peanutbutter/butterscotch pies my grandmother used to make on Sunday. She knew how much I loved them, and of course, made them from scratch. Wonderful memories.

    I have to agree that I don’t think we’ll ever find a good way (at least not in OUR lifetime) to hide or reduce the number of those hideous cords. Of course, we can always hope.

    BTW, it’s a bit late, but welcome home.


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