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The Critters of Central America

Most of you know that wildlife is an important part of my life, and when we take trips, one of my priorities is to scope out the critters living in the area.

My favorites on this trip were the monkeys, iguanas, and crocodiles. Crocodiles! Yep, we went on a mini safari in both Panama City and in Putaneras, Costa Rica, and saw crocodiles right by the side of the boat. Just like on the Jungleboat Cruise at Disneyland, except these were real!


The guide on our trip got out of the boat and fed raw chicken to the crocodiles. We were amazed.

There were 3 types of monkeys who call the areas we visited home, the Howler Monkeys, Capuchin, and Tamarind. We were fortunate enough to see them all, but the Capuchins were my favorite.


The howlers are the mean monkeys, the bosses who decide where all the other monkeys get to live. We saw all three varieties on this island, which the guide said was unusual.


The Tamarinds are the littlest monkeys – sweet and a little shy.


The biggest surprise was that there were iguanas all over the place.



They were incredibly cool, and walking around all over, city AND country.

We also saw a lot of different birds, but didn’t get any particularly striking views, and really none that were very exotic, except this pair of Scarlet Macaws. They were pretty far away (we could hear them much better than we could see them) and this is as much as I could blow up the picture without pixelating it.


The Macaws are approaching extinction because poachers raid their nests and steal the babies to sell. Only a small number survive. Why do we have to do that?

Anyway, we have become accustomed to bears, buffalo, elk, etc. so seeing critters sooooooo different was awesome!

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  1. Glad you’re back. The pictures are amazing. I’d love to see that someday! XO

  2. We love going on cruises, especially to new locations. How great to take one that lasted for 2 weeks! Sounds like you had a great time.

  3. Amazing. We will be in Guenacasta, Costa Rica at the JW Marriott. I can hardly wait.


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