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Flowers, One Way or Another

We’re in the middle of a drought here in California. At best we’ll begin mandatory water restrictions, soon, and most of us have begun voluntarily cutting back already.

For me that means not planting any flowers this year. Best case scenario we’ll get some rain before the dry season sets in, but it’s not looking good. We’ll try to keep the perennials holding on by their fingernails as long as possible – just enough water to keep them alive. But it seems wrong to plant annuals until we know for sure.

Should we hit stage 5 water restrictions, all outside watering will be outlawed. That means the possibility of losing all of our landscaping – almost certainly the lawns and perennials, and possibly the trees as well.

But, as bad as the garden will look, I will make it as pretty as possible.

Today I came upon some lovely metal flower stakes. Not a perfect solution, but it will help with the illusion of a garden and keep a little color out there.


I would rather be planting beautiful fresh annuals, but given that that is not an option, I can be happy in making the best of it. I’m actually kind of excited to get the garden cleaned up and the new treasures out and looking lovely!


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  1. We are also in the middle of a huge drought. Look on any watershed map and you see nothing but red everywhere around me. When I first bought my house, I tried to plant grass under my huge (one and only) shade tree in my front yard, but nothing worked, not even grass specifically designed for shade.

    So I did some research and came up with a Xeriscaping plan. When water restrictions are implemented, xeriscape plants seem to survive and thrive, while ornamental plants don’t adapt as well. Add to that the fact my front yard was nothing but shade from morning to night, some dappled, mostly deep. I bought a few plants that were both drought tolerant and shade tolerant, and went from there. I never ever ever ever water my front yard. I save my water for my herb garden which is on the side of my house and has full sun most of the day in summer. It wouldn’t hurt for you to check out some xeriscape sites and see if any of the plants fit the bill for your area, since, as I recall, you have no problem with sunlight most of the day.

    • We spent 25 years in the mountains with just natural landscaping in front, and although I wanted a lawn, I didn’t push it. So when we moved into a neighborhood, I was so excited to have a lawn. Mr, Tattered has been looking for an excuse to get rid of it, so I have no doubt it’s leaving. Anyway, I don’t think the drought will last forever, and I MAY be able to have flowers again. I just love them too much to not EVER have them. But, then again, if I can’t, I’ll live.

  2. no drought here – instead we are in the deep freeze. Sub zero temperatures without the wind chills – gardening is just a pipe dream right now!

  3. Love those metal flowers! I live in Utah and they say this is the driest year in a while so I think when Spring finally gets here it’s going to look pretty barren. My yard is still dead from the last few years of not enough water. Might be time to put in something other than grass, but I do miss all the flowers.

  4. Oh Janet, I wish we could share. We’re wetter than we’ve been for many years. I’m enjoying our prolonged cold snap simply because it has frozen all the mud. I so enjoyed seeing pics from your garden last year. I will be doing a little rain dance for my California friend, and hoping you get some relief soon. XO, Mary

    • Thanks, Mary! I’ll take all the help I can get! How funny that you mentioned last year’s garden – I’ve already considered that I’ll need to be doing something other than flowers from my garden for the May challenge! Glad you’re getting a little respite from the mud, even if it is in the form of ice.


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