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Who knew?

Last week on Nashville, Deacon was having trouble with his song-writing, and finally figured out that his issue was he had always “created” from a place of pain, and now he was happy, and didn’t know how to create from that place in his brain.

Well, I have a parallel situation going on. I just realized that this morning. I clean house when I’m MAD. Not so much when things are going well. And things are going REALLY well these days. So, if I want a clean house, I need to be pissed off all the time? Wonder what Mr. Tattered would choose if those were his choices? Happy wife = messy house – OR – Angry wife = clean house. What a choice!


So, I’m still trying to get organized after shifting rooms around. I took a break and jumped on-line to find the cabinet I want for the family room. Back in the back of my mind I remembered one I had seen at Pottery Barn awhile back. I lusted after it at the time, but had no room for it, so I sorta forgot about it. Now with a whole wall just begging for something awesome to fill it, I remembered and went on a search for it. AMAZEBALLS!   It is still available, and best yet, on sale! EEEEK! It was meant to be!


I’m in total LOVE!

I love everything about it. And did you notice it’s RED! It’s flippin’ RED!

I didn’t want to try to match the wood of the existing entertainment center (which we got at Ashley Furniture a few years back.) They no longer carry anything remotely similar, and matching is sooooooo hard to do, so co-ordinating is a better option.

Red is my go to color in almost all situations, but I’ve never gotten this bold in a main living area before. I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!

In a few weeks, it’s going to be like having a whole new room. Hmmm. I wonder if once I have my “new” room, and an actual office space for Mr. Tattered I will feel like keeping the house looking nicer without being mad?

Maybe for awhile. A girl can hope.

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