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Art at Raley’s?

Raley’s is a local grocery store, so how does that mesh with art?

Well, Raley’s has a room in the back of the store where they allow members of the public to hold events for free. All you have to do is reserve it. They provide the tables and chairs. It’s a really cool set up.

The art group that I joined through holds their get-togethers there. Today was my second time to participate.  Everyone brings whatever their current project is to work on. For me it is an issue of getting me to set aside the time to art. I love it. I like spending time with other artists…


and seeing all their treasures.


Last time I used my gelli plate for the first time. Today I took copies of the original prints, and designed my 1st tip ins for the journal I’m making for The Documented Life Project.




This is the background I’ll be using for my “selfie” challenge for The Documented Life Project. Woohoo! My 1st tip in!

It’s a little bit of a pain to get things together to go do art somewhere else, but if it gets me to actually DO art, it’s worth it!


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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. What a cool meetup idea! I belong to several meetups but none as cool as that one. I wonder if I could find a group of like minded artsy people to join with me! I’m trying to find your little button to follow you on Pinterest, do you have one? Unfortunately I don’t either but I’m Carol Paxman on there.

  2. What a beautiful page!! As I was looking at all the interesting additions and layers, colors and textures, the ‘cover ups’, and the ‘reveals’, it inspired me, and reminded me of how God creates such beauty through out our lives. Layers of color, of texture, a little of this, and that, what seems like a mess of no rhyme or reason, and yet, overall, He is creating and helping us to become a beautiful page, using all experiences (the good and bad) to enhance the overall end result…and when we step back and look, we realize what GRACE He has shed on us.
    I am glad for being introduced to mixed media. You make such beautiful art!!!

    • Laurie that is beautiful! May I include it in a post? I will, of course, give you credit! And thank you very much. I haven’t seen any of your art lately. Link?

      • Of Course you can, it was your page that inspired the thoughts, thank YOU!!
        And I have not held a brush or paint in a long time; I will again, soon, I hope.

  3. I tried to start meetups in my town, but it didn’t take. There are no like minded mixed media artists in my area, it seems. Lucky you. So glad you found a group, even if it is a pain to get your go bag ready for travel.


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