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Who Needs A Dining Room?

I don’t use mine.

When we bought the house, I thought I would, but after 7 years, it’s a nicely decorated room that just sits there, largely ignored.

In the meantime, Mr. Tattered, the poor dear, has no man cave. No place to spread out and make messes. Being one who needs that kinda space, I understand his desire to have one. He’s been relegated to a roll top desk in one small corner of the family room, so I’m very patient when he covers the kitchen table and counters and dining room table with his “stuff.” But he hates the mess out there where we have to look at it all the time.

We really like our house and don’t really want to move, so we even considered checking into adding a second story to the existing house to get some more space.

Then it occurred to us that we have this whole wasted room, and started throwing out ideas on how we could transform it into an office.

The dining room is an open space just off the entryway, so we started by considering building some walls to close it in, but decided we could accomplish much the same thing by moving some hutches to create “fake” walls.

We moved the furniture around to see if it was feasible, and it was. I was mentally prepared to wait until we get back from our next trip to go out looking for new furniture, but we were too excited, and headed out to the local Ashley’s furniture.

They didn’t have anything we really liked, so our next stop was Naturewood. Still not exactly what we thought we wanted, but after more thinking outside the box, came up with a few pieces that would work, and ordered them. We’re keep the existing table for a work surface and a couple of the chairs, and adding to it a regular desk, larger monitor for the computer, an office chair, a file cabinet and then a curio cabinet that will work for books and containers for storing office supplies. It is going to be so nice to have all the “officey” stuff in the same place instead of tucked here and there.

Getting the desk out of the family room makes room for either a bookcase or curio cabinet, so now I just have to find that piece and we’ll be good to go.

I LOVE redecorating, and he’s so excited to have his own room… It’s a wonderful win – win. The space isn’t perfect, but it is really going to make our living area much more livable.

Anyone need 6 chairs?

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  1. Hi! I am visiting from the SITS Tribe Challenge from We have the same wordpress theme :o) I know what you mean about unused dining rooms. Usually we at least use ours for Christmas dinner, but didn’t even do that this year! It is a pretty room with all my grandmother’s antique furniture, but has no purpose. We are moving soon and decided one of the things we can do without is a dining room since we never use it. Would love to see pics of yourredone space if you post them. Cheers!

    • Nice to meet you, Susan! Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with your move! When we moved into this house, we thought down-sizing was a good idea. Turns out it wasn’t. But we’re going to make the best of it!

  2. What a great compromise!! Love that!! Glad I found you via the SITS Tribe 🙂 Hope you get a chance to stop by and drop me a line at

  3. I love redecorating as well and seem to always “change” a rooms use. My house has a formal living room and a family room, within steps of each other. I use the formal as the family room because it feels more inviting and the family room has been a playroom, a craft room and a dining room, who knows what it will be tomorrow! I’m stopping by from your SITS tribe.


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