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Sometimes Winging It Works Best

Even though I have a tendency to be disorganized in my physical space, I am a planner. I like to have a basic idea of what my day is going to look like, and a few goals I’d like to accomplish.

But, I am also flexible.

Today was going to be mostly a play day. I had my grandson most of the morning, and I don’t generally get a lot “done” other than just having a lot of fun together. We started off with a game of Skip-bo, our new favorite card game. He promptly whipped me. That kid should consider being a card shark.

He wanted to quit while he was ahead, and moved on to his radio control car. I figured while he was doing that, I might be able to work on getting more Christmas boxes put away up on the garage shelves. We went out in the garage and I got out a bunch of pieces of wood so he could set up and obstacle course for the car, and bought myself an hour of organizing time while we laughed at his car crashes.


Weeding the flower beds out front was not even on my radar, but he wanted to sit in the sun to eat his snack, and I noticed the beds were looking pretty shabby, so as long as I was out there anyway, I might as well be productive. Pretty soon, he was joining me in the dirt, and we giggled our way to getting a 5 gallon bucket of weeds pulled. (There were also multiple instances of snail murder committed on my part – but please don’t tell Hannah or I’ll be in Gaga time out for a LONG time!)


Normally, a clean out of this type would be followed by a trip to Green Acres for a flat or two of annuals, but we are facing a ban on landscape watering if we don’t get a significant amount of rain shortly. Since there is NO precipitation in the forecast for as long as they can predict, I’m thinking there will be no flower planting this year. And, we may even lose our lawn. Which figures. I waited over 25 years to finally have a front lawn, and now that I do, the weather is going give Mr. Tattered just the excuse he needs to rip it out and plant drought resistant plants, instead!

Anyway. After lunch we picked up kid number two and they played nicely while I vacuumed and dusted, and emptied my suitcase. For a day when I had planned to actually accomplish very little, I was pretty darn productive! It’s all about watching for opportunities to get my “work” done in between play sessions. Gotta love days like that!

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  1. Those are the BEST days, I suspect. And to think, it was all the result of working while playing. Love that concept.


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