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Documented Life Project Meet – Up

By now you may know that I am participating in a project (DLP) whereby you document your life via your planner/calendar/journal.

I’ve been checking into the facebook page on a daily basis, marveling at the talent and incredible ideas for embellishing the journals. I even went to a party where I met with a bunch of other ladies for a play date to work on them.

Well, the 5 ladies who started the project were at CHA and joined a bunch of us after the show to see each others journals and visit a bit. Someone had the idea to sign each others journals, so it was like a high school yearbook signing in the quad at school (except for the wine!)




They are such nice gals, and have been blown away by the response to their “little” project. It was so fun to meet them and share the craziness in person!

It was such a treat to share all this with the four gals from my fly tribe that had spent time together at the show.

DLP6-wMe, Susan, Kim, Sally, and Cindy

Susan and Cindy had to meet with co-workers for dinner tonight, so Sally, Kim and I were on our own. We were still a little full from our late lunch to we opted to send ourselves into a sugar coma with cheesecake for dinner , courtesy of the Cheesecake Factory. Great way to end a fabulous trip!

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  1. Looks like you had lots of fun. A two-fer, even: CHA and DPL. How much better could this year begin, right?


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