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It Really DOES Make Sense…


I’m packing for my weekend trip.

3 outfits for 3 days – check

underlovelies – check

jammies – check

2 pairs of boots – check

3 prs. socks – check

toiletry bag – check

And then the REALLY important stuff:

pillow – check

Gelli plate – check

watercolor paper – check

paint – check

brayer – check

47 pens – check

tape runner/refills – check

baby wipes – check

paper towels – check

deli paper – check

scissors – check

washi tape – check

journal – check

happiness journal – check

personal paper trimmer – check

assorted embellishments – check

stencils – check

texture sheets – check

ink pad – check

assorted stamps – check

Heeheehee! You have to be an artist to understand…



About tatterednworn

I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Ah, I see you bring your own pillow, too. I never go anywhere without mine, even taking it on the airplane anytime I fly. Sounds like you are ready to play. And you have the right supplies, too. I hope it warms here soon, so I can return to my craft room and open my gelli plate!

  2. Okay I guess I just need my journal. Oh wait did you get paint???? CAn’t wait…


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