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Where Is The Time Going?

Why is it that at the very time I have sooooooooo much to get accomplished, the time seems to fly by even more quickly?

My dad used to say that the older he got the faster time seemed to go. Maggie Smith says that at her age it feels like you have breakfast two times a day.  Man, I so get it. Unfortunately I know the feeling well.

But I don’t know how to slow it down.

I know I am trying to cram a lot into one lifetime. I’ve done it my whole life (at least the part I can remember) and I don’t know how to do life any differently. My mother always said I burned the candle at both ends, and I have frequently joked that I burn it at both ends AND the middle. It’s become somewhat of a badge of honor, I think. But I think it contributes to the feeling of time flying.

So I feel the NEED to slow myself down just a bit, in an effort to slow IT down.

But with so much to do, how do I do that? When I am unable to quit doing, and just “be,” how do I do that?

In the new year, I am trying so hard to get organized, to catch up, to create a life that allows me time to just relax. And I am making SOME progress. I’ve been sitting out in the hot tub nearly every night. That is just “being,” isn’t it? Even if it is just a few minutes at a time?

I know this is a process, that it will take time. I am not all of a sudden going to have it all together. And mostly I’m good with this. We are, after all, only 8 days into the new year. I think I’m looking ahead to all I have planned for the year and wondering if it is humanly possible to fit it all in. That’s probably not a good thing.

I’m tackling my organizational problems in an organized way, but it’s time-consuming and slow going. And really, I’m approaching the “relaxing” part pretty well, too. It’s the “wanting it done now” component I’m still having issues with. I don’t cut myself much slack.

Ha! I may need to add a second word – like, “breathe.” Or “slow.”





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  1. Janet, I know we’re close in age and I’ve written about time going faster and faster. I’m going to try my best to live in the moment. I’m not sure if that’s going to help slow down time but I’m really going to try this for other reasons. Only advice I have for you is to just breathe and practice patience in achieving your goals.

  2. I know that feeling, Janet, and it’s a panicky one and so unpleasant. I can’t seem to enjoy myself or my hobbies when I feel that way. Can you? It’s all fun but sometimes it gets to be too much! My hubby reminds me to find perspective… it’s all supposed to be fun… ENJOY IT!

    • I have convinced myself that when I get everything all organized, I’ll have more ability to relax. It’s just getting there. And I’m even thinking I’ll enjoy the “getting” organized. But first I have to…then…and after that… What I NEED is to see some meaningful progress. Maybe getting Christmas out of the house will help, but even that needs to wait ’till I get back next week! Yikers! Your hub is a smart guy!

  3. The problem with organization is it’s always darkest before the dawn. Or looks the worst right before the end. I learned a long time ago that when it’s at it’s worst, I know I’m nearly finished. Sounds weird, but true. Just keep plugging away each day and you’ll see progress after awhile.

    BTW, I saw where you got your CHA plans successfully changed. WHEW is right!

    • My biggest issue is having days go by with no noticeable progress. But really that isn’t fair. I’ve gotten about half of Christmas put away, and that’s no small job. Thanks for the pep talk. Can’t have too many of those! And CHA? Yeah, whew!


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