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Just What I Needed…NOT! (or maybe)

Or, maybe I did, I don’t know…

All I know for sure is that I now have yet ANOTHER addiction!

I went to my play date today to learn how to use my new gelli plate. I’m almost beside myself I’m so excited with the results.


These are works in progress – still a lot to do to get them to where they will actually be usable, but I’m so pleased with them. I wish the photo did the depth of the pieces justice. I used this color combo because it’s my go to combination… I plan on trying a bunch more color palettes.

I’m most certainly a novice, but the gelli plate is so much fun it’s downright ridiculous. I don’t know why it took so long for me to finally get one.

On the getting organized front, the ornaments are packed away waiting to come out and play again next year…it’s progress.


Still LOTS to do.



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  1. I am seriously needing to get one too. In Soul Food, the new class I am in now, the very first three lessons use a gelli plate. Hmmm.

    • I can about guarantee you would LOVE it! I can’t even tell you how fun it is, and how much it increases your productivity! BUT, I can see where it would be good to have both a small one AND a large one. Most of my stencils are 6×6 and would work better with the smaller plate. But, as with most things we’re crazy about, it’s like crack!


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