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All Work and No Play…

It’s taken awhile, but I’m finally ready to put away Christmas and get the house restored to its pre-Christmas glory. I feel like I’m a week behind, but actually with Thanksgiving having come so late last year, I’m right on schedule.

What a task! In keeping with my desire get and STAY organized, I’m putting everything away in a really organized fashion – like things together, and everything labeled. In years past I’ve tended to just stuff things where ever they’d fit. It’s actually quite exciting to be doing things properly, and I’m finding myself feeling a little proud about it!

I’m also taking the time to make repairs as I find things that are damaged, rather than tucking them away to be dealt with next year.

But all this organizing takes more time, so I’m afraid the mess will be around for a few days! Boxes, boxes everywhere!

Who is that woman, and what has she done with me???

I could actually probably finish it tomorrow, but I’m going to play instead. I have the opportunity to take a little lesson in using my gelli plate, and I’m going to take it.


A couple of weeks ago a friend suggested that I make having fun with my art a priority that I actually put on my calendar, and I’m going to do it…

You know, all work and no play…


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  1. this post makes me smile – because I am sure you are smiling and playing AND getting organised!! Yea!!

  2. If you don’t have P-Touch label maker It makes being organized easier. I can teach you to database if you want to go completely to the other end of the spectrum lol

  3. Good for you. I’m impressed. And that new gal that replaced Janet is doing a super job of staying and getting organized. Like you, I took more time putting everything away. I even created a staging area where everything went to be sorted before storing. Hope you have a staging area, too. It makes sorting and purging so much easier.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth…I think I’m gunna like her! The dining room has become the staging area. Fortunately we use it infrequently. I’m still hoping to get all complete by the end of the week!


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