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Documented Life Party

DLP normally stands for Documented Life Project. But today it stands for Documented Life Party!

I was privileged to be included in a party to work on journals/planners for the project.

Our hostess, Lindsay, creator of cuteness, started us off with a delicious baked french toast for breakfast.


Then we headed downstairs to the family room where she had set up tables to work at just outside her yummy studio. I could feel myself soaking up inspiration just being in there! We even got party favors – cute little doodling pens Linz had discovered that don’t bleed through on the thin moleskin pages and cute paperclips.


Before long we had gotten out our supplies and were making lovely messes!


Some of the ladies had their initial set up almost complete – page after page of lusciousness. Others had a little done. Then there was me with my blank nothingness! I’d been dragging my feet because I was unsure whether I wanted to bright colors or a more vintage look. Both appealed to me and I just couldn’t decide.

I came armed with tons of washi tape.


But one of the ladies taught us to make our own washi tape, which convinced me that vintage was the way I wanted to go…


Yay! My homemade washi on my very first page of my planner! The first is the hardest – from there it got easier and easier!

Along the way, we pretty much came to the conclusion that as excited as we are about getting the journals done, and complete except for writing in them, it is probably a better idea to do the months as they arrive, leaving time to learn new techniques, see ideas we like from other sources, and keep the journals thinner for longer.

For once my foot-dragging turned out to be a good thing for me.

Everyone brought snacks, lunch items or desserts and we had a lovely lunch (enough to feed an army!) complete with a big jug of refreshing cucumber/lemon water.

Some of the ladies brought fun embellishments to share with everyone. Such nice, nice gals!

Before long it was time to say good-bye, and a few of us decided to head up to Grass Valley to visit the Ben Franklin’s where Lindsay is one of the buyers, to pick up a few goodies she suggested, and see her natural habitat! As Linz like to say, “this ain’t your grandma’s craft store!” and she was right. VERY cool place!

We’re going to meet up again in a few months to compare notes and play some more…

For me, it was a real treat to spend the day arting with new friends! I can hardly wait to do it again!

Thanks again, Linz, for sharing your home, your supplies, your expertise and your friends!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. you look very happy – what a lovely way to start a new project

  2. Oh how fun! I want to be able to do this too. I suppose I need to meet some local crafters.


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