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Pen Issues – No, Really!

It’s nearly show time!

Almost time to put all the planning into action.

My moleskin planner has been sitting here watching me watch videos and look at pictures and read about all the wonderful ways I want to bling her out. I think she’s a little excited about the process (I know I am!)

I thought her pages were a little thin and I was mildly concerned about how she would hold up to pens, paint, ink, etc. And now I’m getting reports from my arty friends who jumped right in that my fears were well-founded. So far no one has found a pen that has good color and doesn’t either bleed through (at worst) or can seen through the other side (at best.) I tried several that I have on hand on an extra page at the back of the planner to test them out, and I’m finding the same thing.

Hmmm. I’m a bit too much of a perfectionist to be content to see writing through the pages. At this point in time I’m not content to go with colored pencils instead of pens, either.

You’re probably laughing that this is a big enough issue for me to be blogging about! And seriously, if this is the worst problem I ever have, I’m in pretty good shape. But I am severely anal about these kinds of things. Heeheehee!

Hopefully by Saturday and the big journal play date, we’ll have a solution to the problem.

And hopefully I’ll have some pictures to show you!

***Late breaking news! Simple Bic pens may be the answer, so I’m off to Target in the morning…

I know. I have issues.

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  1. moleskins are too shiny for me – I usually end up covering all the pages before I even use them… good luck with the pen hunt!

    • I’m seriously beginning to wish I’d just made my own. I normally write in planners with pencil ‘cuz my plans are so often changed, but these pages are supposed to be all fancied up (which is what attracted me to the project.) It’s getting a little complicated now. I don’t need complicated.

  2. I’m finicky about my pens, too. Right now, my fave is a pen my identical twin plumbers gave me. It writes just right, and even if I am just making a grocery list, I search around and get all grumpy if I can’t find it. I honestly believe my handwriting and drawing are seriously affected by the pen I’m using.


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