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Planning, Planning, Planning

I’m getting so excited about the new year…

I am preparing for this to be a wonderful year. I mean REALLY preparing. More than ever before. I’ve never been so ready to hit a new year running. I have lists and lists and lists of ways to streamline my world, improve my efficiency, and GET ORGANIZED. I have signed up for several “beginning of the year” classes to help with combining my One Little Word, and an organizing journal/planner.

I also have more lists of what it is I want this new year to look like and projects I’d like to get completed this next year.

But lest you think Janet is going to become a boring girl, I’m planning time for fun, as well. I’ve signed up for some fun art classes, one focusing on painting, another on paper projects and yet another on photography.

I also have new toys to play with, like my new gelli plate, new stamps, an oval cutter…lots to keep me busy and enthusiastically creative!

I hope you’ll join me for another year of adventures! And please make sure to comment now and then…it’s the only way I know you’ve been here!

And it’s going to be the year we welcome our last grandchild!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Happy New Year Janet,
    I have followed your journey through Facebook, most of the time. I am ready for 2014 as well. I have a little more to do before the New Year begins. The class I have signed up for is Life Book 2014. I will not get the prompts until the 2nd, so that gives me some breathing space. May 2014 bring you to your happy place…love Jan

    • How nice to see you here, Jan! I see your name on the tatterednworn FB page regularly. Thank you so much for visiting so often! I’m signed up for Lifebook 2014 as well. I signed up in both 2013 and 2012, but never made it past January! I’m hoping to do better this year!

  2. I read you every morning, although I don’t usually comment here. I’m with you 2014!!

  3. I look forward to your posts everyday – and I am excited to see how this organizing thing goes!!

  4. I also look forward to your organization project. I might point out that when you create your zones and make your layout, be sure to SHOW on your zone chart where everything is. You can do that through documentation, by taking photos and adding them to your zone chart, or whatever way makes you feel the most comfy.

    But I assure you, once you move something, if you can’t find it readily, you will get frustrated. AND, often, you will migrate to where you had kept it in the past, unless you visualize where it is in its new position and have the backup proof through documentation or a photo. And yes, I will gladly provide any advice I can. And it won’t cost you a penny, either (grin).

    I look forward to seeing you play with your gelli plate, too. It’s too cold in my craft room to play with mine at the moment, but once the weather warms (probably MAY OR JULY), I’ll be having fun with it.

    I also look forward to your many posts in 2014. Have a fun, safe, art filled New Year, dear Janet.

    • Thanks again, Elizabeth. I’m looking forward to putting your suggestions into practice. I had to laugh when you said “my many posts!” I do post a lot, huh? It’s my biggest passion!

  5. When in the world do you have time to do all this?
    Happy new year.


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