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Good Bye 2013 – Hello 2014

I’m excited to see 2014 arrive.

2013 got off to a rocky start with the passing of my father and the family drama that resulted. But, it improved, and all in all, it turned out to be a good year. I’m going to miss it.

It was the year my son and his family moved back close to us, and the year they got going on our last grandchild. Lexie won’t be born until next year, but she got her start in 2013!

It was the year I made peace with my decision to shift using my creativity for a potential business, to using it for the benefit of my family.

It was the year I dedicated to being more aware of the happiness in my life, and a year of personal growth.

It was the year Mr. Tattered got his new hip, and along with it a dramatic improvement in his quality of life.

It was the year I met a few of my on-line friends in person, and began rebuilding my relationship with my sister.

It was a year for trying new things and having many new experiences.

It was the year my knee healed, my back FINALLY showed improvement, I got back into healthier eating, AND I got back to the gym.

It was a year of special vacations, lots and lots of family time, and lots of firsts with the grandchildren, who continue to add amazing texture to our lives.

It went by way too fast, but yeah, it was a good year. But 2014 is going to be even better!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Happy New Year to you and yours. It’s been fun following along with all your adventures.

  2. Golly, I’m WAY behind. I had to read and read and read and . . . . . just to catch up. May I suggest a few things before you begin organizing? First, choose zones. What is a zone? It’s the area of your craft room you designate for specific tasks, such as scrapbooking, journaling, reading, card making, mixed media, etc.

    Next, decide which tools and products you want to designate to that zone. For example, in your scrapbooking zone you will want paper, any and all paper cutters, punches, die cutter (if you have one), and all the embellishments you designate for scrapbooking. For your journal area, you will have your journal, probably a calendar, pens, pencils, and of course, your washi tapes (grin).

    For the items that overlap, such as glue, adhesive, glue dots, etc., those should go in a central place, like your work table or desk. You might even want to put your washi tape there, since I suspect you’ll find many ways to incorporate it.

    After you have your zones identified AND your supplies, products, tools, etc. for each zone, determine how much space you will need for each zone determined by the supplies. Draw a layout. It doesn’t have to be to scale, but it helps if it is. Then, grab the number of boxes you will need for each zone.

    Next, begin purging anything that you know you will never use again. Find a friend or school in need and donate them. While purging, place all items you find that you have designated for each zone into appropriate boxes, preferably close to the actual zone you planned for it. Once you have gone through everything and your purged items are either out of the house or out of your craft room, the real progress can begin.

    Keep several sheets of paper handy, and when you place something somewhere, write it down on the sheet for the designated zone. You might have to move a few things along the way, so write everything in pencil with a good eraser. Once you have cleaned the floor, look around and move anything you don’t like where you’ve placed it. Update your zone chart. Keep your zone charts handy, in case you forget where you placed something.

    I hope that helps as you get ready for 2014. I like your upbeat attitude as you prepare for 2014. Happy, happy new year, dear.

    • My goodness, Elizabeth! Thank you for putting so much thought into this! I feel like I have my own personal organizer! I will be incorporating all your ideas. Happy New Year to you, too! It’s shaping up to be an exciting year already!


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