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The Mailman Has Been A Busy Boy!

So many fun treasures coming to my mail box the past few days!

The add ons for my planner came from Roben-Marie Smith. I’m not even sure what I’m going to do with them, but I’m craving just looking at them!!!


Then the ATCs from our fly group for November arrived, including these yummy tins for storing our cards in. Linda (our hostess) made the tins, and included 2 for Hannah and Bea, as well. They’re going to be so excited to see them! I’m hostessing for December, and those cards are trickling in, too.


AND, I received the first two of the Five magazines I ordered from Stampington when they had a free-shipping offer.

So, in addition to all the normal catching up I need to do from the holidays, I have lots of lusciousness to enjoy. There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Are you getting as excited for the New Year as I am? I am ready to hit it running!

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  1. Not sure how excited Bleubeard and I are to see the new year. After all, there are loads of fireworks at the turn of midnight that send him hiding under the bed, or the chest in my office. But other than the trepidation, we both look forward to 2014.

    So glad to read your mail person has been busy. Looks like you got a LOT of lovelies, too.

    • The New Year just feels like a clean chalk board to me. Of course, I get it messed up really fast, but for a short period of time, I get to feel like there is a POSSIBILITY of doing better! Hope Bleubeard finds a safe place to hide!


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