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The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t…

…for me anyway!

Christmas Eve day, after a morning of running around for a few last minute stocking stuffers and a final trip to the grocery store, I came home with an awful headache. I took a few advil, threw the girls new Christmas pjs in the washer and laid down for a few minutes to try and take the edge off the headache. I just needed to get the girls jammies dried and wrapped, and a few things tidied up and I’d be ready for the Christmas Eve festivities, which always take place at our house. It was our son’s year at his in-laws, so it was a smaller group – the daughter, her husband, his mother, the girls and us.

The plan was hors d’ovres  for dinner, a little vino, a little (ok – a lot) of fudge, and a Happy Birthday Jesus cupcake (we usually have a whole fancy cake, but we’re all trying to cut back on sugar this year, so I picked up a single cupcake at Icing on the Cupcake.) Everything was pretty much ready to go for the evening. Then, after everyone was gone, I’d settle in to wrapping the last of the gifts.

BUT, by mid afternoon it became apparent I was sick – chills, body aches, feeling like I was gunna barf. I broke the news to Mr. Tattered, and called my daughter, who came right over, and we put together an alternative plan, racing the clock before I became incapacitated.

I’d already sorted all the stocking stuffers into bags – Mr. Tattered wrapped the daughter’s, she wrapped the ones for her dad and husband, and the girl’s jammies while I got together all the things they’d need for dinner and they moved the operation over to her house (the joys of living 5 minutes away!)

After a few tears feeling sorry for myself missing my 1st Christmas Eve ever, I chugged some Nyquil and was tucked into bed by 3:30. I figured it would be 2 days before I saw the light of day, and was NOT a happy camper.

I was so sad to miss the opening of the jammies,



and listening to Da’ reading our traditional “Snowman Named Just Bob.”


But, my daughter took lots of pictures, so I “almost” got to see it after the fact!

Anyway, I woke up at 10pm and chugged another dose of Nyquil. In my haze, it crossed my mind ever-so-briefly that I didn’t feel as sick as I thought I should, so I set the alarm for 6:30. Was it possible I might be able to participate in Christmas after all?

Morning came, and I got my mini Christmas miracle. I didn’t feel sick at all. Not even a little bit.

I got a flu shot this year. So I was a little surprised I got sick, but we both remembered them telling us that it might not keep us from getting it, but it should shorten the duration if we did. I was skeptical, but I’m a believer now. I’ve never been so obviously one sick one day, and so obviously NOT the next.

It turned out to be a wonderful Christmas – with a little glitch when Hannah opened her roller skates to discover there was only one skate in the box…oh, joy, I get to go back to Sport Chalet!

Hope you all had A WONDERFUL day, full of wonderful memories!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. What a ride! I’m thrilled you are now back feeling well, and glad to read you also got a new Gelli. That will be fun for both of us to work on.

    What a joy to have a daughter step in to help with the wrapping AND take photos. Enjoy the rest of your Boxing Day, too.


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