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Decisions, Decisions and an Elf Update

I got my “uncalendars” today, so now I have to figure out whether to use the big one, the small one, or the Moleskin for my altered calendar/journal/planner. Well, I don’t HAVE to just yet. I have a little over a week before I need to commit. But, I think it’s going to be a hard decision, so I’d best  get the comparisons started so I can spend some time mulling.

I actually can’t believe I’ve had the Moleskin for several days and haven’t opened it. But, I’ve been TRYING to stay focused on Christmas – truth be told, I haven’t been very successful. I’ve been pouring over videos and websites looking for ideas, and being a little naughty buying Washi, and a canvas bag – you know, stuff I NEED for the project.

So, I opened them all, and there were some pretty obvious differences. None of them are perfect.


The big uncalendar is too big, but the small is too small. The moleskin is the right size.

The pages on the un-calendar are a bit too colorful, but the right weight. The moleskin pages are neutral, but a bit on the thin side.

The moleskin pages are dated, the un-calendar pages aren’t – you have to fill them in. That’s not a big deal.

The un-calendars are spiral bound, and I like that better, but I don’t know that it’s enough to overcome the size issue.

Both have pages I don’t know what I’ll do with, but I can always just cover with other paper for notes or sketching, maybe?

Well, I think the decision is made. I’m going with the moleskin for this project. Since the un-calendars aren’t dated, I can use them later. My only real hesitation is the weight of the paper, but the people who have set theirs up already don’t seem to be having a problem. So. Moleskin it is.

I also purchased one of the “rigging” bags – a canvas caddy for hauling supplies around. I can use it to take my stuff on the project date I have with friends on the 4th. And it’ll be fun to decorate. And it’ll be one more project to do…hahaha! Like I need another one!


Lots of fun to look forward to!

On the Elf on the Shelf front, Lucy had some fun making snow angels last night!


I guess she missed the snow at the North Pole! Hahahaha! I love it!

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  1. That snow angel Lucy the Elf made is SO FUNNY. I hope you show that to others who have the same obsession. That’s a nice rigging bag, but how does it stay closed?

    • Thanks! Lucy is quite funny. We love her! The rigging bag has a little lip around the top edge, but basically it is open at the top. My journal fits into it perfectly with space for more treasures, then pockets around the sides for paint, brushes, scissors…I’m kinda loving it!


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