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Yes, I KNOW… I’m Obsessed. Again.

Okay, I’m back to the “Documented Life Project.”

If you haven’t been following my latest obsession, it is a group on facebook that has gotten together for the sole purpose of putting together a planner/calendar/journal, using a basic Moleskin or other calendar, and altering it into a book that documents your life for the year. Many of the people participating are using it to help them keep track of their “One Little Word,” as well.

It is crazy. It’s become a bit of an artsy girl feeding frenzy. I think everyone I know in my little corner of  the art world is participating, but the fun thing is, you don’t have to be an artist to do it. It is open to anyone, and is so much more than just art…

I want to show you pictures, but I can’t show other people’s art, and I haven’t started mine yet, so to see some samples, you’ll need to go either to the Facebook page (you have to join to see the page) or you can go to Roben-Marie Smith’s web-site. She’s one of the brains behind the project. When I signed up for the Facebook page, there were a little over 500 participants, and by the time I wrote my post, it was up to 600. Now it’s almost 900.

Part of being an artist is a compulsion to hoard collect supplies. In this project, the number one supply that has got us all nuts is washi tape. It’s a mildly sticky decorative tape that is a lot of fun to use, but it is VERY addictive. It seems like no matter how much you have, it isn’t enough. Every time you see a picture of tape someone else has, you want it, too. I feel like a magpie, flitting from one shiny object to another, wanting them all to myself!

new stuff-w

Really, my hoard is sooooo small, comparatively speaking, but those gals ARE getting my competitive instincts up!

In second place, I think, will be pens. They are equally addictive.

Oh my. I have an awful lot on my plate right now, and I REALLY didn’t need to add another. But you know what? I am excited (can you tell?) and there are worse things than being 61 years old and still able to get a thrill out of seemingly simple things.

Hope you are enjoying the days leading up to Christmas, and making time to feed your obsessions passions, at least a little!

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  1. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I was here. It seems like only yesterday, but of course, I’ve been offline for days and days. It’s been fun catching up, watching Hannah decorate the little tree, while seeing your new tapers and “smelly goods,” too.

    I’ve NEVER heard about the elves. Wonder if I could do that with rocking horses. After all, I swear they come out to play after I go to sleep. Not all 450ish of them, but more than a few each night. It sounds like a fun time for the little ones.

    I’ve never owned washi tape. You might think that’s a small amount, but that looks like a hoard of them to me. Very impressive. Now I want them, too.

    Have fun on New Year’s day. You were SO lucky to get an invitation like that. I bet you’ll have a fantastic time. Maybe not too productive, but at least fantastic.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! You’ll wonder what took you so long on the washi…I think there are tutorials on-line on making your own – I know you like that! Our New Year’s play date got postponed until the 4th, but it’ll still be a blast! Have you checked out the “Documented Life Project?”


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