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The Elf On the Shelf

Somehow, until this year, we’d managed to not do this. I don’t know why or how. It’s not a new thing – the elves have been around for awhile.

Both my kids decided to do it this year, so we have Jack at one house,


and Lucy at the other,


both keeping an eye out on the kids and ratting them out to Santa if they are naughty. In fact Hannah told Josh that if he was naughty at their house, Lucy would tell Jack, and Jack would rat him out. Josh reminded her it worked the other way too, Jack would tell Lucy.

Although I personally love the concept (it is, after all producing some pretty good behavior) I don’t get why the kids haven’t realized their privacy is being invaded! I guess they are so enamored of the idea that the elves are flying around during the night and they have to go looking for them in the morning, that they don’t resent the idea that this little stuffed creature is spying on them and reporting back to the big guy who decides if they get a cool present or a lump of coal.

The oldest, of course, knows it’s all in fun, but she isn’t breathing a word of it to the little kids. She is actually enjoying being in on the secret.

Now some families are taking this whole elf thing to the extreme, to the point where other families are feeling like failures because the elf sits on the same shelf day after day, when others are having uproarious adventures. It’s really quite funny following it all. You can find a multitude of hysterical photos on the net (just search elf on the shelf images) or look them up on pinterest. They run the gamut from sweet to x-rated and everything in-between.

One of my favorites is a girl elf perched on the side of the toilet with peppermints in the water. Not sure it’s appropriate for kids, but I know they would be screaming laughing if they saw it!

So, if you have an elf in your house, I hope he/she is taking back good reports! And enjoy it. These days don’t last long. Or maybe they will. Maybe believing in the elf is like believe in Santa. I’m sure not prepared to say he not real. At least not out loud!

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  1. Great post, Janet!! I have never done Elf on the shelf, but I am thinking when I have grand kids someday, I am going to have to do it! It seems like great fun!!


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