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More Planning

Yes, I’m doing more shopping um, planning.

And I’m getting really excited about this new “planning” journal and the “Documented Life Project.”  If you haven’t read about it already, you might want to check out this post where I lay out the background…

My two uncalendars have shipped, and I picked up a “moleskin” planner at Barnes and Noble to compare. I can hardly wait. I like the idea of the moleskin, primarily because that’s what our fearless leader is using, so I wouldn’t have to do any adapting. BUT, the un-calendar is spiral bound, and I’m thinking it might be easier to use. We’ll see.

The Facebook page that was formed to act as a forum for participants to share ideas and support each other with following through is blowing up! There are well over 600 people participating, and more every time I check! I am apparently not the only one excited. A bunch of people are doing their set-up prior to the free prompts being given by the hostess of the class, and I’m pretty sure I could figure out what to do, but I don’t know whether to get started or wait…decisions, decisions. I mean I sorta want to jump in, but I’ve GOT to finish Christmas! Some of the gals are already posting photos of journals all set up. Hello? Are they so ready for Christmas they have time on their hands??? Yeah, I admit it, I’m jealous!

One of my art girlies that I talk about frequently, Lindsay Ostrom, is doing the project too, and she’s even having a day-long party on January 1st where she and a bunch of fellow crafters/artists are going to get together and work on theirs together. I was lucky enough to get an invitation, and barring snow or some other act of God, I’m going!

In the meantime, I’m researching all the ladies putting this project together (and yes, I SHOULD be doing OTHER things, but I can’t help myself) and I’m getting more and more excited by the minute. Excited = buying stuff. I know I can probably do this whole thing without buying a single thing. But what fun would that be?

One thing I know for sure is, SOMEHOW I need to put this on the back burner until after Christmas. Really. I do.

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  1. Oh thanks Janet! Now you have me all fired up to play but almost all my supplies are back home in the frozen north! What can a girl do? I asked to join the FB group today and will look for a planner tomorrow. I have to finish with Christmas too, then I am free! Shall we compare journals when next we meet? 🙂


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