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A Little Bit Of This and That…

If this doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will…


Only by the time you read this, the 8 will be a 7…I don’t know where the days are going. When Josh picked this snowman out, it was like 99 days ’till Christmas! Seems like a couple of weeks ago.

I’m really in pretty good shape time-wise. Christmas cards are going out today, and I’m almost through shopping. Just a few people left, and I’m on schedule to be done before the weekend – Saturday at the latest. Then I’m going to start wrapping and I’ll be DAYS ahead of most years! Although I did pass on the baking this year, which helped. Then I’ll have DAYS to figure out the Christmas menu and go grocery shopping. I might even get to relax for a day or two. Won’t that be fun?

Bea decorated the kiddles tree…Hannah has gotten “too old” for it, and Josh wasn’t interested, so Bea was on her own, which was fine with her. She loved it. That was the last bit of decorating to be done. The empty boxes are out in the garage. Hmmmm. Who says I’m not organized? At least a little.


While I’ve got you here, I wanted to share a couple of new finds I made this year…

The first is these cool “scentcicles” oil  icicles that smell like pine trees and hang from your fake tree to make it smell real. Very clever!


The second is a set of battery-operated taper candles that have a remote for turning them on and off. I’ve had pillars and tea lights for years (although they aren’t remote controlled) but this is the first year I’ve found the tapers. The remote control feature is super cool, because you can put the candles up high, then just point and click – no need to get up on a step stool to turn them on and off. I’m keeping an eye out for pillars that do the same thing!


This feels a bit not stressful enough. Wonder what I’m forgetting?

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  1. you could come decorate my house now if you like!


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