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Inside My Head. Yikes!

The inside of my head can be a scary place.

For one thing, it’s cluttered. (picture a hoarders house! – no that’s not fair. It isn’t THAT bad!) Picture my workspace. You’ve seen it haven’t you? Okay, just in case, I’ll show you again. (How embarrassing…)

Day #28 CEDmess3-w

Day #28 CEDmess2-w

These are old pictures. Trust me on this, it’s worse now. (Jeez, it’s no wonder I can’t sleep when the inside of my brain looks like this!)

Anyway, I have a general idea of where most things are, but they aren’t easy to get to.

So, back to my head. I went in there for a specific reason. I had some stuff I needed to sort out. I dealt with what I needed to deal with, then I got side-tracked and started poking around.

While I was there, it occurred to me that I do not own a nativity set. No kidding. I set out to buy one a long time ago, but I could never find one that was just what I wanted. I had some for sale in the store. Maybe being around them there made it seem less urgent to have one at home. Who knows. At any rate, I waited. And waited. Finally, a few years ago I found one I just loved. But it was pretty expensive, and I talked myself out of it.

Well, that’s just plain dumb. If I added up all the $20 and $30 purchases I’ve made over the years since then, I EASILY could have bought that set. So, I’m going on a search to find it. And if I can’t find just that one, I’m going to settle for one that’s close enough.

Once I got that issue resolved, I starting thinking that “inspire” is not going to work for me as my word this year, after all. As much as I like the IDEA of it, I think my effort will be better spent concentrating on something I NEED rather than something I like.  So given the cluttered state of my world (AND my mind) I think I’m going to go with “organize.” The very thought of it terrifies me. Which is probably an indication that it’s a good idea.

So, I’m going to happily and creatively get myself organized. Inside and out. (I can so hear the girls that used to work with me laughing their heads off!!!) HEY! I’ve heard that every once in awhile they teach an old horse a new trick! It could happen…

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Wow. I can’t work in clutter, and I’m surprised you can. From the looks of the rest of your house, your craft room AND your brain should not be cluttered. Want me to come over and help you get organized (grin)?

    I’ve wanted a Gelli plate for THREE years. The ONLY place you can buy them is online, or so I’ve been told. What should have cost $30.00 ended up costing $40.00 because of shipping costs. That’s what I hate about online ordering. But I got tired of begging my friends to buy me one, and bit the bullet. Or at least Bleubeard did with the help of my paypal account.

    • Ha! I’d have it messed up in no time flat! If I do it myself, maybe it will be painful enough to make me keep it organized longer! Hmmmm wonder if I could talk my grandguineapigs into getting me a gelli plate!

  2. I am grinning!! The only thing that could match your room and MFT is if a Conway truck pulled up out front of your home today and said I have 27 boxes for you and they all were for your ‘Work space’ Room!! hee hee hee!

    • Hahaha! I know, huh? I can hear it now “Where are we going to put all this???” followed by “come on guys, we just have to move a few things around!” That’s where I learned to cram 10# worth of stuff into a 5# bag!


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