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My “Used-To-Be” Pink Princess

I blinked and she turned from a pink princess to a big girl who prefers blue – nearly a ‘tween. How can that be?

Time is going by just entirely too fast.

I remember those days, wishing my kids were old enough to fill-in-the-blank, or glad to see an end to whichever horrible stage they were in. And my daughter was NEVER a pink princess. No matter how much I wanted to fuss her up, she wanted no part of it. She was a tomboy from the get go!

Now with the grandkids, I just want time to stand still. I have a greater appreciation for each stage, and waaaaay more patience. I just want to savor every part of their childhood. And I am VERY glad I got a pink princess!

It seems like such a short time ago she wanted to wear nothing but pink dresses and frilly headbands…


…and loved the fancy dresses Gaga made for her.

pinkprincess-w But those days are gone.

It’s been months (many of them!) since she has been willing to wear a dress without a whole lot of coercion, she no longer loves princesses, and she laid it on me just a day or so ago that pink is no longer her favorite color. Although she did say that if I had already gotten her Christmas gifts that are pink, she’s okay with that – it is still her SECOND favorite color.

I know I can’t stop time from going by. No matter how much I want her to stay little, it’s not going to happen. So, I’m just going to have to develop a love for things that are blue, and not frilly, and not based on characters. I can do this. Gagas have to be able to adapt to change!

Besides, I still have a lavender princess…


…and hopefully she will still like frilly things for awhile longer.

Oh, and there is one more on the way! Surely she will be a girly girl, too! Hmmmmm. Wonder what her favorite color will be?

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