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Angels and the Beginnings of a Vintage Tree

I got the angel shelf completed…


I added a few new angels this year, and a cool new glass tree. LOVE it!



And, I got the vintage tree started. I pulled a few ornaments from the main tree and added the new ones I got at the vintage show, but it wasn’t nearly enough. So what is a girl to do? I went shopping.

It was a marginally successful trip. I was able to find a few little treasures.


It is really sad that we have lost the vast majority of the specialty shops I used to frequent. They just couldn’t make it through the downturn, and now that things are picking up, the few that survived have still not been able to build up their inventory to the wonderful level they had been at. I was a little depressed.

But, I got over it. The tree does not have to be complete right this minute. In fact, were I to fill it up now, I wouldn’t have the ability to add on in future years. So, I’m going to be patient. Maybe I’ll even make a few of my own. It could be worse. I could have talked myself out of doing the tree altogether. It’s a decent start.



So, tomorrow I’ll get the residual mess cleaned up, boxes put back up in the garage, and call it a decorated house! And there are still 3 weeks left to enjoy it. I don’t start the take-down until the 1st of the new year! Even with Thanksgiving being late and the addition of a new tree, I don’t think I’m behind last year. Yay me!

Now I just need to get going on my shopping and decide if I’m going to torture my neighbors with baked goods. I feel so guilty whether I bake or not. Guilty if I don’t because I’m afraid they’ll think I don’t like them anymore, and guilty if I do because surely EVERYONE is trying not to gain 10 lbs. over the holidays!

Hope all your plans are on schedule!

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  1. hadn’t you heard???Everyone was supposed to dial their scales back 10 pounds at the first of December!!! Everything looks gorgeous!!

    • Yeah, I did. BUT! The dress I need to be into by the end of January doesn’t care. It just keeps getting smaller and smaller while I, well…don’t. Oh, yeah, the goodies are supposed to be for neighbors. You know how that works!

  2. Wow, your trees are gorgeous, but the angels really steal the show. I love old, and you have some really lovely old ones. Very sweet. Glad you are on schedule. I feel very far behind.

    • I did feel behind, but in a few days was able to turn it around. I still have a little bit of puttering to do, but for all intents and purposes, I’m done. Well, if you don’t count shopping – I’m waaaaay behind there! Shocking to see there are only 12 shopping days before Christmas! Yowza!


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