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On To The Rest Of The House!

My decorating is not limited to the tree. I have special “collections” and they need homes, too.

Today I got the Santa display done.

During the year, this space above the entertainment center  is home to many of my chickens/roosters.


But at Christmas time, it becomes the base for my Santas.


Once again, many trips up and down the tall ladder. Mr. Tattered asked if I LIKE doing all this decorating, or feel obligated. I told him I LOVE it (AND, it’s one of the things that made it possible for me to not have the store anymore!) I’m hoping that as “our” space gets more and more filled in, he’ll keep that in mind. After all, it only lasts a month – it’s not this full all year long.

I also got the vintage tree up. Not decorated, but in place. It’s a start. It is the perfect size for the space I had allotted for it. Whew! And Mr. Tattered didn’t come unglued about it (although I suppose it’s possible he didn’t notice?)


As I was unpacking boxes I found some little treasures that will work on this tree. These are cute napkin rings that I used for a Christmas dinner at church. A little bow and hanger and they’ll be transformed into wreaths.


More hangers, and these place card holders will double as balls on the tree if I tuck them in so you can’t see they are flat on the bottom. Which reminds me I need to get some silver hangers – all mine are green, and that just won’t do on this tree.


The angel on top was one of my finds at the vintage show I went to a few weeks ago…


as are the garlands of glass beads and little glass balls…


Have I mentioned that I LOVE decorating?

All this sprucing up is getting me into cleaning mode, as well. How can that NOT be a good thing????

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  1. you are a crazy woman! but I love seeing all your decorations – it is making me feel a bit anxious as there is no sign of an approaching holiday in this house yet – one more week of finals to get through. I love that vintage tree!!!

  2. Adore!!! I even loved the rooster display ;). That angel in front of the vintage tree is awesome, and that tree- what a find!!

    • Thanks, Ursula! I’m rather fond of the angel myself! She was another vintage find a few years ago. I’m excited to get the vintage tree decorated, but it won’t be nearly completed this year!

  3. I love decorating for the holidays too. I am taking a short break to catch up on all my blogs I love to read. I do like the roosters !

  4. Everything is beautiful here. I love it, and it’s not THAT cluttered. I think the tree fits great in that spot. Looks like it was meant to be, too.

    Thanks for joining T today. Yep, I love decorating, too.

  5. The tree looks perfect for that spot! I like the flat bottoms on the “balls”–who says they have to be round? Happy T day!

  6. WOW, I love all the decorating you have done, it’s my favorite thing too. Awesome Santa collection you have. Mine is Snowmen, can’t get enough of them. I enjoyed all the pretty’s you shared today and saw your tree post below, STUNNING!! That must take a lot of work to finish so good for you!!
    I have some of mine done but I like spreading it out and enjoying it.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy T Day !

  7. Lovely to see so many pretty Christmas decorations!
    Hope you had a fun T Day

  8. Some really nice vintage pieces. I can almost feel the warm and cozy.


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