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Ta Da! The Tree Is Done!

Well, I did it. I got the ornaments on the tree, the bows (both the sheer red ones, and the rafia ones,) and the fancy garland. It’s done. And I love it. Just like I do every year.

I’m not experimental with my tree. Over the years I have perfected it to suit my taste, and I have no interest in varying it in any way. That may change some day, but I’m thinking not. It would require a wholesale change in ornaments, and I just don’t see that happening.

I am, however, adding a second tree. I thought about it, and thought about it. There are plenty of reasons why I shouldn’t. The clutter drives Mr. Tattered nuts, but it is skinny and will fit in a little corner. It requires getting some new ornaments, but I can make many of them, and I don’t have to do it all in one year. I can start out with a few (I even pulled a few out of my existing ornaments that will work) and add to it over the years. I just can’t get the vintage look out of my head, and I shouldn’t have to.

So, tomorrow I’ll start working on that. I suspect I’ll follow the same basic formula.

Then I still need to get the Santa display up on the top of my entertainment center, and my angels up over the library cabinet (and the vintage tree will go up next to it!) I moved the snowmen out to the front porch this year. Normally I put them on the dining room table, but Mr. Tattered is using it to sort his genealogy info at the moment, and I need to be reasonable, right? I’m not sure where the “tree” display will go this year, but that is the least of my worries. I’ll figure it out.

Oh, you wanted to see the tree pictures, right? Heeheehee! I almost forgot. I wish I could figure out a way to get better photos of it. They don’t seem to do it justice. But here goes…







Hope you’re making progress on your decorating, and enjoying it as much as I am!

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  1. Golly, this is stunning. I remember one year I cut my own tree when I had a Victorian home with 14′ ceilings. It barely fit, too. Yours is sensational. I was impressed that it nearly touched your ceiling. I can see why you have all those decorations. I got rid of many of mine when I moved to Wichita. Mostly all I kept were a few Hallmark ( various and different series). Now I don’t even use those, since I haven’t had a live (OR artificial large) tree for years. I found I have to move too many things around in my home if I want to put up a bigger tree. And I’m sort of like your hubby, I’m not fond of clutter, either. Can’t wait to see your pink tree, though.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! When we lived in the mountains, We had really low ceilings, and a 7ft. tree was all that would fit. Now we have 10ft ceilings, so I can easily get a 9ft tree in there. It makes for a much more dramatic effect. As for all the ornaments, many of them are handmade, either by me or friends. Parting with them would be difficult. And of course, when we set the house up, I planned for where the tree would be before we even bought furniture, so I don’t have to do hardly any moving of anything to get it in!

  2. Beautiful Janet. Did you hand-make a lot of those? You must have made a lot of trips up and down the ladder for a 9 ft. tree! It’s so nice to see others masterpieces, thanks for sharing. ♥

    • Thank you, Rhonda! Yes, I made many of them and some are handmade by friends. And there are commercially made ones, as well. It is a lot of trips up and down, so in addition to decorating, I’m exercising! See? It’s GOOD for me!


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